Monday, 16 February 2015

The Schwing Stetter Blog


The Schwing Stetter factory and offices in Perivale, London
I'm Simon Densley and I'm the marketing manager here at Schwing Stetter (UK) Ltd in Perivale, London (or Middlesex if you want to be particular).

As well as upgrading the company website, organising ads to go in trade magazines and ordering branded clothing, there are many interesting things I find my self doing or finding out about in this role.

For a start, the products we sell are amazing. And I'm not just saying that 'cos I'm supposed to be marketing them. What I mean is the whole concept of pumping wet concrete through pipes and the pressures involved is mind blowing. As Hughie Byrne, one of the directors pointed out the other day, a hand grenade explodes at 40bar (which is around 40 times normal atmospheric pressure). Our pumps are pushing concrete through pipes typically at over 100 bar. Our most powerful machine (SP 8800) can push at 243bar. That's some serious engineering.

That means we can push concrete to the top of any skyscraper or the length of any tunnel. And every part of that system, including the steel pipes and the couplings that join them, have to withstand those pressures, not occasionally, but every day for years and years. And they do. Only working with jet engines I think would surpass concrete pumps.

Of course we sell other concrete related engineering products as well including truck mixers, batching plants and recycling plants and they are all astonishing examples of precision engineering in their own ways when you come to know about them.

The other really amazing this here is how good the engineers are at their job. They are so versatile and can seemingly not only fashion anything out of steel but can add some hydraulics to make it do stuff as well!

So seeing as there is so much interesting stuff going on here, it seems the time has come for a Schwing Stetter blog. Enjoy!

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