Thursday, 5 March 2015

Under The Banner

The new 'Built With Pride' banner hanging from the top of the Schwing Stetter (UK) factory roof.

Along with the plates and stickers we recently had made up, we also had a banner made by the same people to hang from the top of the factory. This we hung with pride this afternoon.

Simon Densley putting up the new banner
Simon Densley looking up at the half attached bannerOliver Connell (the company as opposed to the person - although it is his company...) were very kind in lending us their scissor lift for a short while to tie it up there.

When I first unfurled the banner across the floor I was very concerned that it was far too big. I had measured it and knew it to be around the right size to fit in the space we had but it just looked huge close up. Now that it's all the way up there stuck to the roof up I can't help thinking maybe it's a bit too small! Mind you, any bigger and it might not fit properly.

Either way I think it makes a nice edition to the premises...

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